LVL - strong and rigid

LVL Production

LVL - the sturdy wooden component from new buildings to renovations and further industrial applications

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is an engineered wood product used in a diverse range of building and bridge construction applications. 

 LVL beams, columns and panels have become established as essential components in modern timber construction due to their numerous advantages, versatility and proven structural performance. LVL is also used in smaller structural applications like furniture, doors and windows. 

The use of LVL has steadily been growing since the 1970s. It was initially developed because it was an extremely efficient and sustainable material, having uniform quality and very little wood material going to waste. It has seen a resurgence in popularity as an environmentally friendly, yet reliable alternative to steel and concrete.  

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We can provide whole mills, fitted with Raute machinery and using our services, to create LVL from raw material to product based on your needs.