Damage or loss

Raute's most significant single risks concerning material damage and business interruption loss are a fire, a serious machine breakdown and an IT system breakdown or malfunction at the Nastola main production unit, where the production, planning, financial, and ERP systems serving the Group's key technologies are centrally located. Precautions against such risks have been taken by means of back-up systems and insurance policies, but, despite precautions, the serious realization of such a risk would cause significant damage to Raute's operations.

Other risks of damage or loss include occupational safety risks, which are managed by means of active risk-prevention measures, such as continuous personnel training and investigation of all near-miss situations. Occupational safety and ergonomics are under continuous development.

Raute's production operations do not have significant direct environmental impacts. The main production unit in Nastola is situated in a groundwater zone. A chemical or fuel leak in a groundwater zone could cause environmental damage, financial costs and disturbances in production. The Nastola main unit has an ISO-certified environmental system in place, and special attention has been paid to chemical safety. Other units also aim to adhere to the principles of the environmental system.

The Group hedges against risks of damage or loss by assessing its facilities and processes in terms of risk management and by maintaining emergency plans.

Global and local insurance programs are checked regularly as part of overall risk management. The objective is to use insurance policies to sufficiently hedge against all risks that are reasonable to handle through insurance due to economical or other reasons.