Raute has received from Indonesia orders for 40 Veneer Patcher R3 machines

Veneer patching is an efficient way to fix defective veneers without clipping off or composing a huge chunk of their veneers. Many producers seek to increase their veneer recovery by looking for veneer patching alternatives rather than composing their defective veneer sheets.

In many factories, especially in Asia, veneer patching is done manually. Factory workers cut out defective veneer parts using a penknife and then patch them up manually with tapes. This results in poor patching quality, which affects the end product and is extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Since its launch in 2019, Raute Veneer Patcher R3 has been helping many of our customers solve their veneer patching woes - improving their labor cost, veneer quality, and production capacity. The plug-and-play patching machine requires little factory space and uses the most advanced veneer patching technology, all at a fraction of a full veneer patching line price. Yet results in the same high-quality veneer patches.

In Q1 of 2022 alone, Raute has sold 40 units of the Veneer Patcher R3 to customers in Indonesia. Out of the 40 pieces, 9 were repeated order to East Java, and the remaining 31 pieces were to Maluku.

For more information about Raute Veneer Patcher R3, please visit our website: https://www.raute.com/lines-and-machines/lines/veneer-patching/veneer-patcher-r3/